Whiplash Diagnosis

After you’ve been in an accident, it’s always good to go to a doctor. If you’re worrying about your money situation, remember: That’s what insurance is for! So…what are you waiting for? Go!

If you think you have symptoms of whiplash, see your doctor or physician immediately. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, your doctor may request to take x-rays of your neck and even give you a neck brace for additional support. The number one focus of your first exam will be to determine if there is any damage to your head, neck, or other parts of your body resulting from whiplash. Many times, the x-rays come back showing no skeletal damage while the patient still feels slight pain or cramps in the neck area. Your doctor will probably suggest you keep the neck brace on for an additional few days to a week and schedule a follow-up appointment.

In the event you are still in pain, the doctor may take an MRI of your neck while it’s bent and straightened to check for soft tissue damage. The dynamic x-rays from an MRI can focus more on the soft tissue damage whereas the normal x-ray’s primary function is to search for skeletal infractions.