Whiplash Treatment

Before I share some details and facts about whiplash, it’s important for you to know almost all whiplash victims fully recover. Unfortunately, various treatments for whiplash have not been heavily tested however, there are common practices which result in the full recoveries.

First, your doctor may give you a cervical collar (or a neck brace) which is designed to keep your neck in an upright position allowing the muscles to relax and heal while preventing additional injuries. Unless your whiplash experience was extremely violent, this method seems to slightly prolong the recovery of the patient.

Your doctor may also have you partake in simple neck muscle exercises which generally involve rotational movements to slowly strengthen and heal your neck muscles. These are done around ten times each hour during the first four days after the accident. Whiplash victims who use these techniques have a much quicker recovery rate.

Generally speaking, excessive rest and not actively using your neck muscles (while being cautious) increases your risk of chronic symptoms. By staying active, your increased blood flow will prove to help your injury heal much quicker and avoid muscle atrophy.

In the event you need a neck brace or cervical collar, you may want to consider seeing a physical therapist to help reverse the effects of the minimal muscle atrophy. A professional will not only help you reinforce your progress to recovery, but also prevent you from damaging your neck while trying to regrow the muscles.